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Spa Party

March 6, 2010

Little girls love to be pampered just like the big girls do, so a Spa Party is the way to go. 

As each guest arrived they given a Spa Robe, Headband and Slippers to wear through out the party. For this particular party, the guests were allowed to keep the robe set.

Guests were treated to candle light, spa music, cookies and bottled water. Have a sharpie marker handy so the guests can write their name on the bottled water OR if you have the time, print some pretty water bottle labels with each guests name. Try this site for ideas

The mom provided all the decorations including candles, feather boas, food and cake. Speaking of the cake, it was pretty cool! This Spa Cake was made using fondant and a mask that you can get at Michaels. The lipstick and nail polish was also made using fondant.

Made with Fresh Strawberries    

Mystical Parties Spa Party Included:

  • Robes, Headbands, & Slippers to keep
  • Make your own lip stick craft
  • Make your own anklet craft
  • Mini Mani
  • Mini Pedi
  • Mini Strawberries and Creme Facial with Cucumbers
  • Spa Bear for Birthday Girl

There were stations setup around the room for the girls to start the  pampering. After each guest was pampered, for a finishing touch we added a just little glitter eye shadow and lip gloss.


Japanese Tea Party

March 3, 2010

The Japanese Tea party was one of my favorite parties for 10-12 year old girls. Mystical Parties sent “Kiko” our Geisha character to perform a traditional Japanese fan dance and paint the guests in non-traditional geisha type face paint.

This mom had thought of everything…from decorations to activities to food.


Decorate your own chop sticks for your hair: These were regular wooden chop sticks and the girls decorated the chop sticks. Decorate with sharpies, nail polish, gems or tiny flowers. Use anything that will dry fast so that they can be used in the hair during the Updo section of the party.

Deorate your own fan: These white paper fans are available at Oriental Trading for a good price.

Geisha Hair Updo: Our party mom helped the girls with their geisha updo. Simple buns with flowers and chop sticks inserted for decoration.

Geisha Face Paint: “Kiko” face painted each girl with a non-traditional design.


Backdrop: Privacy screen, Large Folded Origami Cranes, balloons and oriental umbrella.

Table Decor: White china plates and tea cups. She used a black sharpie to write a Japanese symbol on each plate and cup.

Goody Bags: Little yellow boxes wrapped like a “take-home” package with oriental candies and fortune cookies. Keep in mind the guests already made crafts to take home as well.

Food: Fried rice and sweet and sour chicken from a local restaurant and green tea.

The girls sat on the floor around a large coffee table and ate their meal with chop sticks. During the meal, Kiko performed the traditional Japanese Fan Dance.