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Meet the Cast Monday! Helen

January 23, 2017

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Once upon a time there was a girl by the name of Helen- born and raised in the kingdom of Atlanta. She was graced with many gifts and began performing at the age of 4.

Throughout childhood, she danced and sang with many choirs and companies. She taught herself to play guitar and also learned how to play violin and piano. Helen aspires to share her musical blessing and become a chorus teacher. She now resides in the land of Marietta, Georgia as a student.

She loves children and enjoys working as a babysitter and nanny part-time. She has always enjoyed parties and frequently throws spectacular celebrations for her friends and family. Helen’s youth and spirit will make her the perfect character and a magical addition to your little one’s party- or any special day!


Meet the Cast Monday! Lauren

January 16, 2017


Once upon a time, Lauren was born into a world of music and fun. She has always enjoyed singing, performing, playing dress up, and being a princess. Lauren is a trained singer and actress, and has performed in a number of musicals, shows, concerts, choirs, and competitions. It is a dream come true to be able to combine her love of performing with her love of being a princess and being around kids.


Meet the Cast Monday! Ariel

January 9, 2017



Ariel comes from a small kingdom in Nebraska. That is where she received the majority of her training, doing various plays and musicals. Then she moved to the huge kingdom of Atlanta, Georgia, and fell in love with the atmosphere. She honed in on her acting skills by taking many acting classes, auditioning for plays, and doing projects. Most of Ariel’s acting took place at Georgia State University. She was nominated for the KCACTF for her role as Millie Davis in Trouble in Mind,¬†and competed in Spring 2015. Ariel comes from a big family so she’s used to being around children all of the time, and loves to make them smile every chance she gets. Ariel believes that we can all change the world one smile at a time. Peace, love, and joy!