Dashing here and there to parties can really work up a girl’s appetite, and believe it or not, sometimes a queen or princess needs something other than birthday cake. I always have so much fun seeing my big-kid fans in the drive-through at Chick Fil A and Starbucks! My favorite stops are when people you wouldn’t normally think would be happy to see me – namely high school boys – yell,

“QUEEN ELSA!! CAN I TAKE A SELFIE WITH YOU?!” Ice Queen - Jennifer_Mystical Parties

and proceed to launch themselves out the drive-through window. My answer is always “Absolutely!!” Every now and again, I get the celebrity treatment and the drive-through folks will comp my order. If you’re one of those people who have done this for me and by chance you find this post, I hope you know how much you make my day when that happens! Thanks for helping the smiles I give the kids at my parties find their way back to my face.


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